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The biggest thing we see small business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with is a lack of focus, which is precisely why we created our brand consultancy packages. A brand cannot be effective without understanding what’s at its core. Our process is designed to delve deep into your business to understand exactly what makes your brand so incredible, precisely who your customers are and what it is about the way you do things that they love.

Whether you’re about to launch your next venture or need to evolve the positioning of an existing business, you’ll benefit from the support of a commercially focused ally who can deliver clarity, objectivity and an entrepreneurial view.

Reveal your brand story

Hannah is amazing. She has an incredible ability to understand who people are and how to create an image not only for them, their brand and their business and have a vision for your business moving forward. I haven’t come across anyone else like that.
— Annie Renwick

Find a fresh path
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Hannah is an expert in helping business owners find clarity in their offering. Having transformed our own business from a struggling print and design studio with hyper-local customers to a specialist branding agency with clients who cross continents to work with us, she knows what it takes to make real, sustainable change within a business.

She’s helped a fourth generation family business adapt to trading in an unfamiliar modern market, worked with entrepreneurs to breathe fresh life into a recently acquired existing company, and helped business founders to build the confidence in their brand that they need to launch with pride. Hannah’s unique experience centres around service-based businesses and lifestyle brands, and is the perfect match for similar businesses; consultants, retailers and creatives in particular.

Working with Hannah, you’ll develop a new way of communicating that’ll set you on a fresh path with the renewed energy and direction that you need to take things forward in a more focused and decisive manner.

Consultancy is tailored to meet your specific objectives. To get things started, simply get in touch and tell us what you’d like our help with.

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We’re delighted to offer a new series of mini one to one sessions – perfect for those who are itching to get our input but aren’t quite ready for the full package. We’ve put together three sessions that are designed to answer the most common challenges we hear people battling with, providing you with the opportunity to tap into our years of experience, shortcutting the hustle and getting to where you want to be, faster.

Our mini one to one sessions last three hours and are held either in person at the beautiful surroundings here at North Frith Farm or via Skype.

Need a quick hit of support?

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/ Find your style

Many businesses struggle with finding the visual style that best reflects their brand personality. Creating marketing material, websites and Instagram posts becomes a never-ending cycle of trying fonts and colours that don’t quite work or feel disappointing. You end up wasting an awful lot of time and never really getting anywhere. After getting to know your business, we’ll carry out a colour psychology profile and provide you with a clearer understanding of the colours, fonts and style that  would best represent what you do, for you to take forward and develop for yourself.

£485 + VAT


/ Find your voice

Almost every business owner we’ve ever met undersells themselves. They’re either too modest to properly express their brilliance, or worst still – they can’t even see it themselves. We’ll help you work out what it is that makes your brand so brilliant, and how to communicate with your clients in a meaningful, compelling way. We’ll run through your current website and marketing material, making suggestions on how to improve our words, language and tone of voice to make greater impact.

£485 + VAT


/ Elevate your business

Got bigger things planned for your business? If you’re looking to really elevate your offering, this is perfect for you.

If you’ve followed our journey, you’ll know that we have successfully evolved our business from one offering fast-and-cheap print to a specialist branding agency with international reach. We’ve transitioned from taking any job going in order to pay the bills, to having our work featured in best selling books, and operating a waiting list. We know what it takes to shift peoples’ perception of your business, and how to reposition a business in order to completely transform the flavour of the work you do. It’s all entirely possible, and we’d love to help you do the same.

This is your chance to put your challenges to us and tap into our years of experience and explore the opportunities that lie ahead.

£485 + VAT