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Paola is a force of nature. A bold, passionate and brilliantly talented wedding photographer, Paola is loved for her warmth, energy and passion. Constantly fascinated by the people she meets and inspired by their stories, she aims to capture their wedding day honestly and beautifully in a way that celebrates their personalities and all the things that have shaped them to who they are. Her gorgeous work and unrelenting passion for what she does has earned her an enviable reputation within the industry. Paola is regularly featured within blogs and magazines – be that for styled shoots or with featured weddings. Time is a precious commodity in Paola's world as she balances business with a busy family life, and she has around 15 slots for wedding photography throughout the year. This means there’s an increased pressure to make sure that every couple she works with are the perfect fit! We worked with Paola to create an elegant and unconventional brand that really reflects her beautifully warm, intimate and evocative style.


 Paola de Paola


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