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Paul Fuller is our kinds of people. Ridiculously talented, yet modest to a fault, he’s humble, down to earth and quietly brilliant. He’s just finished his eighth season as a wedding photographer, and things are going really well - he’s booking exactly as many weddings as he’d like and couples adore his work. Images by Paul Fuller have an intangible alchemy to them; they’re both modern and nostalgic at the same time. And whilst they possess a sense of cinematic drama, so too are they quietly honest. Never contrived or forced in any way, there’s a modesty to Pauls’ images which makes them incredibly relatable. His photography is timeless; they show the couple on their best day and capture the moment when it was just the two of them, just married. A timeless and tangible reminder of who they were and how they felt on that day, before time swept them along and life moved into its next season.With his thoughtful and artistic use of light, he’s able to take an ordinary moment – a simple touch, the closeness of a hug or gentle laughter between a couple and elevate it to something extraordinarily beautiful.

Paul Fuller 


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