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The art of gift giving

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The English Beagle

Audrey Williams approached us at the very beginning of her entrepreneurial journey. Aspiring to bring British brands to the forefront of the marketplace, The English Beagle is a lifestyle brand that champions independent British producers – an online marketplace where handpicked brands come together to create a thriving community of British entrepreneurs. With a range spanning children’s products, homeware, pets and beauty, there’s something for everyone.

The English Beagle celebrates the story behind a gift. This is a brand for people who cherish those around them and love to give gorgeous gifts packed with meaning. This brand needed to be emotive, exciting, warm and ever so slightly aspirational. It needs to convey warmth and sentimentality, and it needs to connect customers and brands to leave a lasting memory. Above all, it needed to be something that customers want to remain a part of – something that they keep coming back to again and again – their invaluable directory for gift-giving.

Audrey's gorgeous beagle, Suzie, inspired the brand heavily and it was only right that we included a couple of illustrations of Suzie, including her pigeon-toed stance and kink in her tail. This adds true character to a brand that's all about the personal.