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Marianne Chua

Marianne Chua is all kinds of cool. An insanely talented wedding photographer, Marianne's distinctive style is jam packed with life, energy and truly raw, as-it-happens emotion. There's no soft lighting, romantic poses or formal shots on her watch; Marianne is all about the authentic, with a rebellious spirit, gritty style and knack of capturing spontaneous moments in the most artfully framed and composed way imaginable.

Geometry, symmetry and structured shapes feature heavily within the brand, which reflects Marianne's eye for composition and the way in which her images appear spontaneous but have been very thoughtfully captured. We wanted to include an illustrative style within her brand, but not in the traditional sense – and oh my, did we do just that. Marianne’s brand features a series of geometric animals which appeals to the structures characteristics of her creative style and they are brilliantly bonkers.

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From the start I felt super confident in Ditto - I knew that they were on the same page as me and I felt they were equally excited and motivated to give me their all!

I was kind of freaked out how accurately they got what my business was about! They made the rebrand process a real pleasure. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a fab team to boost their business.
— Marianne Chua