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Paul Sanders is one of my favourite people, and a dear friend of all of us at Ditto. We first met him back in 2011 when he’d just resigned from his prestigious role as The Picture Editor at The Times to forge a career as a freelance fine art landscape photographer. He’s a calm and gentle soul, the sort of person who immediately makes you feel at ease. He is regularly featured within some of the biggest photography magazines, where he writes about both his signature style and the way in which he uses photography to improve his mental health (Paul speaks very openly about his battle with depression, something that makes him all the more awesome). Having spent the last few years running photographic workshops across the world, Paul’s name has become synonymous with his unhurried tutorship, along with the long exposure style which is the envy of many a keen photographer. Still is his new venture, which brings together the very best of his talents and unique experience. Running small group workshops and retreats, Paul’s mission is to help people live more mindfully through the art of photography.