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as nature

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Tom Cunningham is one very cool guy. A first generation farmer (you don’t get many of them!), he is boldly building his farm in the rolling Kent countryside. Having become frustrated by the ethics of the farming and food production industry, Tom believes that there’s a better way to produce meat, working in harmony with nature to raise native breeds as naturally as possible to the highest of welfare standards. He’s raising his flock of Romney sheep, Tamworth pigs and Longhorn cattle as nature intended - slowly, sustainably and in harmony with nature. The pigs forage in the woodland, the sheep and cows graze freely in expansive pastures, fed on a diet that’s free from nasties. These animals are treated with the utmost care and respect - as far away as its possible to be from the fast-and-forced rearing methods that many commercial farmers use. As an ambitious start-up, Tom came to us to create a distinctive brand identity for The Pure Meat Company that’d enable him to burst onto the scene with real impact.

The Pure Meat Company