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Welcome to the family…


Welcome to the family…

Ditto is an independent boutique branding consultancy and creative design agency based on a beautiful Victorian farm in the rolling Kent countryside. We're a family business - father and daughter, Derek and Hannah, and Hannah’s hubby and partner in crime, Dan. We’re pretty much as far away from a glossy city agency as it’s possible to be - we work on a farm, we’re obsessed with nature and we believe in being good friends to our clients.


There’s nothing quite like running a business with your nearest and dearest. Sharing the highs, lows and everything along the way, it’s an incredible experience that requires joint vision and an honest recognition of everyone’s unique skills. As a family-run branding agency, we find ourselves in a rather unique position that enables us to relate to husband and wife teams, and multi generational family businesses, in a way that others can’t.

The thing is, running a business with those closest to you can be a very emotive thing, with decisions being driven by more than just commercial sense. We excel in the subtle art of aligning the thoughts and values of multiple business owners to bring out the very best in all involved, creating a brand that sings your strengths from the rooftops… and making sure you’re all still talking to each other come dinner time!

Experts in family businesses

They have the perfect level of professionalism and the friendliness you need to trust your heart and soul with.
— Lisa Morgan, Morgan & French


Hannah is an experienced brand consultant and creative director. She brings an inspiring energy to the table, along with the ability to find clarity amongst a challenging brief and the skill that’s required to read between the lines. Unafraid to push boundaries, she knows exactly which questions to ask in order to make you really, really think about your business. She has a discerning eye for design and an inherent ability to visualise the creative style that’ll have you, and your clients, falling in love with your business.




Dan is an incredibly talented and dedicated designer. Happiest behind the scenes (taking this photo was an act of torture), he works quietly, consistently and intentionally to create the most beautiful brand identities that have put Ditto on the map. He has a passion for typography and hand lettering, and has a precision eye for colour and balance. The creativity and flair he brings to the table enables us to deliver exceptional brand designs with our signature style and flair.




Derek is the founder of Ditto. Bringing with him the experience of a career spanning three decades in the design industry, he worked as a freelance graphic designer since graduating from Ravensbourne College before launching Ditto in 2003. His personal values of honesty, respect and hard work have shaped Ditto entirely. Derek is an exceptionally talented illustrator and a brilliant photographer and has recently launched our online shop, From The Oast, where you can browse and buy a selection of his work.


Hannah is creative and inspirational, not afraid to work hard to achieve great results for her clients.
— Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist

Nestled in the heart of the countryside


Our home

Our studio is an eighteenth century Oast house based on the stunning North Frith Farm – a 400 acre estate with woodland, farmland and lakes nestled amongst the rolling Kent countryside.

There’s something immersive and utterly transformative spending time at the farm. With plenty of space to roam, talk and ponder, it provides the ideal environment to step away from the everyday and see your business in a new light, revealing a world of possibility.