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How we attract our perfect clients, every time

This year has been mega for us. We've really stepped up our game and the business is storming in exactly the direction we all worked so hard to achieve.

One of the biggest changes this year are the people who are hiring us - each and every one of our clients have been a brilliant fit. It wasn't always this way, though. If you want to ditch the nightmare clients (impossible to please, quibble on price, refuse to pay), this one's for you.

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Proud to Present: a beautifully feminine brand identity for iconic beauty product, NuNale

The best thing about what we do is the diversity of the businesses that we work with. It keeps us on our toes, means we're always learning and makes things very interesting. And whether we're designing brands for hard working solopreneurs or bigger, established business, the challenge is always different!

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Proud to Present: A cute and playful brand for The Stay & Play Cafe

The Stay and Play Café is a fun and friendly and pop-up soft play café for children aged four and under, along with their grown ups. With a focus on providing a more gentle and refined alternative to the big play warehouses, The Stay and Play Café runs from lovely, smart accessible locations around Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas. They provide a safe, clean play area for the little ones, along with a much-needed space for the grown ups to socialise and relax in whilst they watch their children play, explore and have fun. The Stay and Play Café was launched to serve the need of local families, providing a brilliant (and so much more dignified!) alternative to the warehouse-style soft play centres that parents have come to dread.

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On using your words wisely: the power of testimonials

I received the most brilliant, heartfelt thank you today from my client Philip Berryman. I'm so proud of it as Philip has summed up precisely the sort of experience that we set out to deliver in such an eloquent and genuine way. It'll be going on to our website soon, and I'll add it in to our proposal templates. And using testimonials is a big part of our marketing strategy; after all, it helps to reinforce why people buy from us, and provides reassurance to prospective clients that we'll be the right fit for them. But it made me think, as very often the clients we work with have reams of gorgeous testimonials gathering dust in a draw somewhere - and so today I want to talk about the power of those words and how you can use them to help you sell more effectively.

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