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Proud to Present: An inspiring and creative brand for Jewellers Academy

Jessica Rose is the talented entrepreneur behind Jewellers Academy, and my goodness is she a clever one. As well as being a talented jeweller herself, Jessica has founded two businesses dedicated to teaching aspiring jewellers: The London Jewellery School where students can learn how to make jewellery, and Jewellery School Online which runs online courses to teach students how to turn their jewellery skills into a solid, sustainable and profitable business. In just a couple of short years, Jewellery School Online has really taken off, and Jessica realised the business had outgrown its current look. She decided to rename to Jewellers Academy, and reached out to Ditto for a fresh new brand that'd reflect the strength and vision of the academy.

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Proud to Present: An edgy and inspiring brand for Berly

Gorgeous Kim Sprenger is one helluva lady. Based in Southern California, Kim is a ridiculously talented videographer creating videos steeped with emotion and underlined with purpose. Beautifully meaningful and incredibly evocative, her videos tug at the heartstrings in a big way. Kim creates films which celebrate life and love, telling the stories of those who hire her in her signature style. 

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