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Ditto is a full-services boutique creative design and branding agency based in Kent, UK. We design logos, brand identities, websites and printed material for awesome people who want to create an exceptional identity for their business. Our clients seek us out for a brand that truly commands attention, makes their customers sit up and listen and that makes their customers' choice to buy from them an easy one.






These days, you simply can't get away with slapping a logo on the side of your business and calling it good. If you want to stand out, win more business and make a real impact, you need a brand which appeals to your people on an emotional level. We know how to strategically employ colour, typography, texture and design to create the desired perception at a subconscious level. It’s a bit of branding wizardry we call colour psychology, and you’re gonna love it - it's a game changer.


These days it's all about the online, right? Hell no! You'll never beat the impact of someone holding a beautifully designed and printed brochure or business card that bears your name, and for that reason print is an essential tool in your marketing arsenal. Whether we’ve created your brand for you or you have an existing brand that you need to promote, we can help. We’ll help you decide the best way to get your message out there, and manage the whole process so you don’t have to learn your gsm from your CMYK. Phew.



A well-designed, responsive and well optimised website is crucial. But one with character and personality, too? Oooh, now you're talking! We create websites where form meets function for a seamless customer experience. Our websites are fully responsive, fully content managed websites and carefully crafted around your branding. 


Who’s your target market? What’s your message? How do you make their decision to choose you rather than your competitor an easier one? There's so much to consider. From helping you create a name and tag line for your business to creating a clear, focused brand vision, our strategy sessions provide clarity and direction that gets your business rock-ready.


The design process that we apply to creating logos, brand identities and websites enables us to create a visual look which your clients will love, which you’ll love and which will tell the story of your business in a way you can’t imagine right now. That means less faffing around, much more confidence and a faster route to a powerful, commercially successful brand for you. Read more about our process here.


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We do our best work with people just like us: bold, tenacious and ambitious.

Whether you're a bright and bushy-tailed start up in need of the brand identity that'll knock the competition sideways or you're a seasoned entrepreneur who needs fresh branding to reflect the growth or evolution of your business, we've got your back.

No matter whether your business is still in the baby stages or well established, you're passionate about what you do and care deeply about delivering a knock-out service. You know you’re different from the competition, but struggle to articulate it in a meaningful way.

You recognise the value of having a perfectly-pitched and carefully considered visual identity which resonates with the people you most want to work with. You’re ready to be challenged, inspired and up your game! We will re-focus and re-energise you, and provide clarity and direction. What's more, we'll create branding and marketing tools that are an authentic reflection of the way you do business. 


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