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Ditto is a boutique creative design and branding agency based in Kent, UK. We create honest, distinctive and exceptionally powerful brand identities for awesome people who want to put their business on the map  with a brand that feels like them. 

Whether you're a bright and bushy-tailed start up in need of the brand identity that'll knock the competition sideways or a seasoned entrepreneur who needs fresh branding to reflect the evolution of your business, we've got your back. We work collaboratively and intuitively, spotting opportunities for your brand that others miss, and bring a level of energy to the table that inspires action. Sound like your kinda thing? Wonderful!






Brand design is what we're famous for. If you want to stand out, win more business and make a real impact, you need a brand which appeals to your people on an emotional level. We know how to strategically employ colour, typography, texture and design to create the desired perception at a subconscious level. That means that your brand will do the selling for you, before you've uttered a word. Discover more here.


These days it's all about the online, right? Hell no! You'll never beat the impact of someone holding a beautifully designed and printed brochure or business card that bears your name, and for that reason print is an essential tool in your marketing arsenal. We’ll help you decide the best way to get your message out there, and manage the whole process so you don’t have to learn your gsm from your CMYK. Phew.



A well-designed, responsive and well optimised website is crucial. But one with character and personality, too? Oooh, now you're talking! We create websites where form meets function for a seamless customer experience. Our websites are fully responsive, fully content managed and are carefully crafted around your branding. 


Who’s your target market? What’s your message? How do you articulate what you do in a meaningful, compelling way? There's so much to consider. From helping you create a name and tag line for your business to creating a clear, focused brand vision, our strategy sessions provide clarity and direction that gets your business rock-ready. Learn more here.


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Show us a business owner who doesn't struggle to tell the world what makes them special, and we'll show you a fibber.

Articulating the strengths of your business can be really, really hard. And that means you're probably underselling yourself, confusing your customer and, frankly, not making as much money as you could be.

Our approach is collaborative, supportive and gets you thinking differently about your business. We provide training, mentoring and consultancy to businesses who want a boost of Ditto magic to help them define their message, understand their audience and communicate in a way which makes them irresistable. Read more about our strategy packages here.


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