Proud to Present: a beautifully feminine brand identity for iconic beauty product, NuNale

The best thing about what we do is the diversity of the businesses that we work with. It keeps us on our toes, means we're always learning and makes things very interesting. And whether we're designing brands for hard working solopreneurs or bigger, established business, the challenge is always different!

Proud to Present: A striking new brand identity for Intelligent Marketing

A new week and a new brand reveal! We've had a ball working with the lovely Sarah White, who approached us to help her create the brand identity for her new marketing agency. Cautious to avoid the formulaic and forgettable identities that many of her competitors favour, Sarah came to us for something which punched higher and helped her create the right perception from the get-go.

Proud to Present: A rustic and nostalgic brand for Jaded Palates

When we got the call to ask, were we interested in rebranding a wine retailer in Devon? And could we perhaps go and stay for the weekend - you know, just to get a real feel for things? Well my friends, it was a race to see who could get down there first...